Waterproof Jewelry

Waterproof Jewelry | Sweatproof Jewelry

From Morning till evening, we aim to accessorise active and powerful woman. All the collection is water resistant enduring excercise swimming and showering.

Stainless Steel 18k Gold Plated

High quality chic and athleisure non tarnishing Jewelry made for all occasions

Gym - Work - Night Out

The colour won't fade - Guarantee

Why Seola Jewelry ?

Like many jewelry lovers, our team grew frustrated to see their favourites accessories becoming tarnished and faded after just few uses. Frequent washing, using soaps, perfumes and handcreams, and activities such as exercise can easily cause damages to jewelleries but not with Stainless Steel heavily Gold Plated, our material. Discover our story.



“We believe in two things: the pursuit of quality in everything we do, and looking after one another. Everything else should take care of itself."

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Activewear is no longer for the sole purpose of exercising or for a sport. You can wear your activewear with some jewelries in a chic and casual way !