Take Care of What You Love

To ensure fine quality waterproof jewellery for every customer, we choose to work with century-old and well-established goldsmiths based in Europe. With 3 to 5 microns, every jewellery is above the standard requirement for “Gold Plated” trade name.

To make your waterproof jewelry last even longer, our packaging includes :

  1. A smooth lint-free rag : Use it to clean your jewelry regularly, especially after physical activity.

  2. Air Tight bag : Store your jewelry separately to avoid scratching and tangling.

Unlike fast-fashion or most non-plated jewelry (0,3 to 1 micron) our jewelleries are waterproof and sweatproof. To make the color last longer, we recommend to clean your waterproof jewelry regularly with items above.

One Year Warranty

All jewelleries are covered by our warranty.

Chains and earrings are protected by a warranty of one year. Rings are covered for 6 months.

If your chains, earrings or rings lose color less than one year after they have been purchased (6 months for rings), we will replace them immediately at no cost for you.

All you have to do is to send an email to our customer support - info@seolajewelry.uk

The one year warranty does not cover breakage of jewelry or wearing scratches.