Seola Jewelry is a high-end water resistant accessories brand 


Seola’s Story


Seola Jewelry is a water resistant jewelry brand providing a luxury look with long-lasting quality.


Like many jewelry lovers, our team grew frustrated to see their favourite accessories becoming tarnished and faded after just a few uses. Frequent washing, using soaps, perfumes and handcreams, and activities such as exercise can easily cause damage to jewelry.


Solid gold seems to be the only alternative until we digged into our families jewelries and found out about Gold Plating and Stainless Steel materials. We ve realised that water resistant jewelry offered the beauty and durability we were seeking. Looking for our personal purchase we quickly realised that it was difficult to get access to this quality of jewellery at an affordable price ! We ve decided to source our own products from designers in Europe and make it available for clients like us– Seola was born. 


These coveted designs now form the basis of Seola’s ever-expanding accessories collection, with customers across the world discovering the advantages and beauty of water resistant jewelry. And as our eco-awareness grows, Seola water resistant jewelry and accessories support the ‘buy little, wear often’ ethos, providing timeless pieces that our customers can cherish for years to come.


Seola’s Name


The name Seola can be translated as 'rule-maker' – a person with the confidence and determination to set an example and who takes pride in their personal power. We embody this meaning in every item of jewelry by naming each piece after one of the great female athletes of our time. Thanks to these names, our customers continue to feel inspired and motivated by their purchase every day.